Slip Into a Comfy Lifestyle

Slip Into a Comfy Lifestyle

You deserve a luxury apartment home that helps you relax and recharge. Slip into a comfy lifestyle with a one bed/one bath only at Alexan Avondale. Treat yourself to a suite of relaxing apartment features you can enjoy around the clock. Make plans to spend your weekends enjoying fun community amenities. What are you waiting for? See all that Alexan Avondale in Decatur, Georgia, has to offer.

Luxury One Bed/One Bath in Decatur

When you need more than a home but a sanctuary, look no further than the Gose luxury one bed/one bath only at Alexan Avondale. Dive right into 813 square feet of pure bliss and never look back. You have plenty of space to enjoy long, lazy weekends or host your friends for the big game.

Gourmet Kitchen

Enjoy the unmistakably warm welcome of your gourmet kitchen. Here you find all the help you need with a suite of appliances you can’t live without. You may not be a gourmet chef, but you can’t deny how fun it is to cook in a great space like this. What will you put on your menu? Even takeout is fantastic in this beautiful kitchen.

Private Balcony

Breathe new life into your parties with an elegant private balcony. This is the perfect spot for conversation or even a quiet drink. Collect your thoughts or soak it all in. Pull up an outdoor chair, sink in, and see how sweet life can be.

Slip into a comfy lifestyle with a luxury two-bedroom at Alexan Avondale. The life you want to live is waiting right here.