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"Love the property management team but the property itself is beautiful on the outside but with numerous issues on the inside. We were excited for all of the amenities offered but soon after we moved in we realized the apartment is too small for us. We don’t like the internet. The doors and elevators are always jammed or not running."
"Still very happy with the apartment and the building. I only give 4 stars because of Fetch. I receive packages almost daily and this service failed me several times. Get rid of it please!"
"Just moved in. The leasing agents have been great…very friendly and helpful. The broken elevator made move-in day very tedious, but thankful there a two more to ensure accessibility. I’ve never stayed in a complex that I’ve felt comfortable using the amenities right away…but Alexan’s amenities are nice and currently kept up nicely so I love it."
"I’ve been here for about 6 months and so far, so good! The location is convenient to a lot of places, customer service is great, and the amenities are awesome!"
"I’m so excited to have moved in here! First, when I arrived for move-in, everyone one form the maintenance staff to leasing agents and the management team is so kind and helpful! My wifi was already set up when I arrived, and my apartment was in perfect move in condition! I love how quiet it is out here! I can definitely sense that this place is perfect for professional students , who need convenience and quiet. It’s also so many great amenities that I look forward to using! I’m so happy I’ll be living here!"
"The staff is very friendly and quick to support you with whatever you need. The people who live here are super friendly and welcoming. I’ve met some of my new best friends living here. You actually talk to your neighbors and they are there for you if you need them."
"I love living at Alexan Avondale! The amenities and location are the best. The staff is very professional and they know me by name. I would definitely recommend living here."
"Wonderful community. I love the amenities, the office staff is very attentive and responds quickly to any issues you have. The premises are always clean"
"Easy move in and the amenities are excellent. My dog likes the green areas and the pet spa. The complex is in an ideal location with lots of shopping and dining close by."
"I like my stay at Avondale so far, the staff is helpful and the building is kept very clean. I have yet to enjoy the amenities but the clubhouse/pool area looks amazing. Fetch is also a great service!!"
"I filled out some questions and states what was good or bad. It was thorough as there were many questions. I answered honestly about my experience with move in"
"It's been great as a resident so far. I'm enjoying living here. The property is well maintained. The amenities are perfect for the community. And the leasing staff is courteous and responsive."
"I love the atmosphere of the building but unfortunately our neighbors have made it miserable to be at home. We now avoid being home often and study, hangout, and spend free time outside of home."
"I love it here! I just wish that it was more activities to get to know others here BUT, it’s clean, calm, and the staff is awesome and always smiling."
"Very grateful to the staff that keeps the property clean, especially the grills in our courtyard! The staff at the office is always pleasant and helpful."
"Staff is kind, amenities are lovely, it is just the building has some things it needs fixed up. There is a sewage smell on floors 1-5 that is overwhelming, the kitchen sinks have a bad odor no matter what you do, and some residents lack the common decency to not leave trash and dog waste around/in the property."
"Alexan is a swell place to live. The club room even has rock ‘em sock ‘em robots. I’m undefeated. That’s the end of my review but I have to fill a character count. There."
"After moving here in December and experiencing all this building has to offer, I can say I am very impressed by the living space, amenities, local fare, and the vibe that this place has to offer!"
"Alexan Avondale is an awesome place to live. I love all the great amenities. It's the best!!! The apartments are spacious and with lots of cabinet spaces. The staff are wonderful and extremely helpful. I found my forever home!!!"
"Great so far. The community is clean, nice people, good times. The gym has been a wonderful bonus and cannot believe we are so close to food, breweries, etc."
"I love the complex so far! Everyone has been so kind and friendly and the amenities are great. I feel really safe here and look forward to coming home every day."
"Staff could be friendlier but the amenities and maintenance have been great. They always respond quickly. Pool looks nice but haven’t used it yet."
"As much as we love our beautiful apartment and the amazing amenities, our experience here as residents so far has not been the best. These apartments were clearly not constructed for quality. The plumbing is not so great. There is an awful sewage smell that lingers in the halls of the building and comes out from the kitchen sink. We were told by maintenance there’s nothing they can do about the smell. The walls are also very thin and we’ve received a few noise complaints and a lease violation notice for excessive noise for basic everyday living (Walking, Talking, Breathing etc.) Although the leasing office addressed our concerns and told us not to worry, it still feels as if we have to walk on eggshells in our own home."
"The people are nice and the staff is friendly. Fetch has its pros and cons, but overall this place is nice and clean. I do wish there were more dog bag spots outside, that would be more convenient when taking our dog out. We've also noticed some dog poop right next to the dog bag spot and find that a bit ridiculous."
"Alexan Avondale is a very clean building. The amenities are nice. The leasing office consultants are friendly and it's a peaceful and serene experience. Love it here!"
"Pretty cool neighborhood, when I moved in though the admin said my mom acted like a child. My mom is a 59+ year old foreign speaker that dropped off a cashiers check. Her exact words” was that your mom that dropped off the check? She’s so cute, it was like a kid being nervous to come inside and talk. So funny cause it’s exactly like a kid” Yes she may have been nervous or trying to speak English well enough. But insulting someone’s parents intelligence the first time you meet them is cruel and disrespectful. How would you feel if someone said your parent behaves like a child? This was the first physical interaction I had with someone that worked at the community- she helped move us in. Stuck with me for the past 90 days - foreign people deserve courtesy and respect even if you think it’s below you. Other than that, community is well kept and easy to commute from. I really like the balcony and islands in the kitchens."
"Love it here! The community is super clean and everyone is so thoughtful for one another!! 10/10 recommend for anyone looking for a place to home. Best part is the amenities!"
"Thus far our experience has been great! The community is well kept by staff with the exception of a few neighbors leaving trash here and there. The only issue that needs resolving at this time is the WiFi connection. This particular complex uses Cover Network and our network continuously runs slow. In addition, there isn’t a way to increase speeds."
"I love everything about the community! It’s a safe, quiet, and beautiful place to live! I will rate it 5 stars every time because of the amazing layouts, the great amenities, and peaceful atmosphere!"
"I have been absolutely loving living at Alexan Avondale. The location is great. The pool is also so nice. I work from home so its nice to have a nice pool and gym at my disposal. There are always employees cleaning and maintaining the grounds, areas are kept very clean. Two months in and I am very happy with the decision to live here with my small family."
"Lovely accommodations, great amenities, best location. The management is responsive and friendly. Convenient to work and downtown Decatur. Also near shopping."
"I love it here!!! Sure staff are great, the amenities are great and it’s quiet. I’m glad I chose to make this apartment my home! I just wish we had some green space on the property."
"Great place to live. The amenities are impressive, always clean, and smells amazing. Several unexpected amenities like a recording studio and arts & craft room. Safe garage secured parking. The staff are attentive and follow up with your request. Huge square footage in my apartment. I would recommend this place to anyone looking in this area."
"Love the place. Sometimes the internet skips out, but it’s an overall great place. Used the grill for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was fun. Also, the front desk folks are super friendly."
"The finishes and amenities at the Alexan are the nicest I’ve ever seen in an apartment complex. Relaxing at the pool feels like you’re at a resort. The folks at the front desk are extremely friendly and helpful. I’ve honestly never felt more at home."
"The gym is nice. And I really like the gas grills. Some of the neighbors are a little inconsiderate with the loud music and marijuana smoke. Not the best area. So far, it’s been ok."
"Great experience so far. The surrounding area is peaceful and so are the neighbors. We love the the fact that there’s restaurants and bars close by."
"Love it here!!! The staff and amenities are great. The price has been unbeatable and it’s a great area! I love how the staff listens to any issues or concerns and tries their best to correct them. Everyone here is super sweet!"
"The units are spacious and upscale. Love the amenities and all the outdoor space. All the neighbors I’ve met so far have been warm and friendly. One of the best features is the location and walkability to Marta and all my favorite restaurants and breweries."
"So excited about moving in this month! Perfect fit for me, no issues upon move in! The community is super peaceful but it has a great vibe. Can't wait for the summer here, moved in at the perfect time!"
"Great location and very clean! Recommend for young professionals looking for a spot close to good food and a quite location. There could be a better place to take your dog but Oakhurst dog park is really close by."
"Apartment is nice, leasing process could be improved. I love the amenities. The kitchen is nice but I wish the complex had chosen gas appliances"
"Awesome so far! Everyone has been really helpful, the other residents I've met are very kind, and of course, we love our new apartment! It's feeling like home!"
"I love my new apartment. But I love the amenities even more. I like all the safety precautions and security. The location is also wonderful."
"I absolutely love it here!! Everything is clean, the amenities are pretty top notch, and it’s located by pretty much everything! My friends and family can’t believe how close I am to so many restaurants and shopping plazas. Alexan Avondale is perfect!"
"We love living at Alexan Avondale. Our neighbors and the staff are friendly, maintenance is very responsive, there is minimal noise, the amenities are awesome, and our apartment is very nice. We feel at home here. Janelle and Paul have been amazing since our original tour!"
"My experience has been great since the first day , I’ve toured. The staff is very friendly & helpful. They are always available to answer calls & assist with needs . There’s no noise from apartment to apartment . At times , I barely believe anyone lives here other than myself. The halls are always clean & the park garage. The neighbors are friendly, but as I said I barely see them. I love all the amenities, especially the art room."
"I love Alexan Avondale! The staff is very friendly and the maintenance workers are quick to fill requests. All of the apartments are gorgeous."
"It's been amazing and the most comfortable stay!\ I truly love the management team at Alexan Avondale. They are very professional and make me feel like home. They are attentive to the guest request and reply within minute. The place is very clean and concierge very efficient."
"I love the ambience of the pool area when I am sitting on my patio. It gives a sense of calmness and relief. I also enjoy that the hallways are always clean."
"Nothing but great things! Nice, clean community. Great staff! They also offer bikes to ride in the community! And I love the community room and all the things they have to offer."
"Overall we like it here, but the common spaces are not frequently maintained, there is broken glass on the garage floors, the garage mirrors for the corners are constantly moving to the wrong angles, and the elevators have broken down several times in the first 3 months the building has been occupied. Additionally, they sent out an email stating that there had been criminal activity in the garage, but when I called the office to ask for details they claimed that this was a generic email for all properties in the area, and that they would neither confirm or deny anything had happened."
"I fell in love when I first visited. On the tour I noticed a cabinet not attached in the bathroom, a little peculiar for brand new place. I was told it would be fixes. I rented that unit and when I opened that cabinet it came off. On move in day the elevator I needed was down so a 2 hour move took all day which was really exhausting having to come from one side of the building to the next. To make matters worse while moving as we exited my unit to get more items we're approached by a female in a hair bonnet and pj's at 1pm on a Sunday asking us to hold down the noise because her baby just went to sleep. My boyfriend told her we're moving and there will be noise, again she insisted that we keep it down and him being the professional person that he is reiterated his statement and she walked away. I reported it to Lela immediately because no one is going to tell me to keep it down in the middle of the day when I'm paying almost $2000. Not a good start and a long lease seems like."
"Love being a resident here. The people are friendly snd the community is safe. The apartment homes are so modern and up to date. Anyone would love them!"
"The apartment complex is clean and the front desk staff/maintenance staff are friendly and helpful. Would appreciate a trash can in the pet spa area."
"It’s great here and I love the community. It’s clean and people are nice. I would recommend everyone to stay here. They work with you and make the move a breeze!"
"Alexan is a very nice community! Amazing apartment sizes and layouts, tons of parking space in the garage, quiet and chill environment, and amazing staff!"
"Quiet - check Secure - check HUGE washer/dryer - check Inviting amenities - check Friendly staff - double check Available parking - check Neighborhood - check HUGE bathtub - check Dog Spa - check Maintained grounds and multiple outdoor gathering areas - check Books, games, crafts - check Podcast studio - check (for real) Location - check"
"Nicest apartments in Avondale. The front desk team help expedite my approval process and move in quickly. Great staff and management team!"
"my experience at this complex has been great so far. i love the location and the apartment amenities. there’s so much to do within a short walk or drive. despite it being in the city, the complex is pretty quiet which is an added bonus"
"I enjoy living at Alexan Avondale. It is in the perfect location! Close to my school, grocery stores, restaurants. I really enjoyed my time here."
"High level of details in the apartments, high end appliances, modern style of kitchen and bathroom. Great communities services and mobile app integration."
"So far Alexan has been a great move! Leasing staff is amazing, friendly, down to earth, and over all welcoming. Everyone I’ve meet in the community has welcomed me and have been very friendly."
"I moved into Alexan Avondale 3 weeks ago today! The Leasing Staff is extremely helpful and attentive to my needs. The property is kept very clean on a daily basis."
"The customer service experience is second to none. I’ve had the opportunity to live in a few different apartment luxury home and this one is had definitely exceeded my expectations."
"So far so good. Leasing office is very responsive. Love the location. Apartment is a great size. Hallways are nice and wide. So far has been relatively quiet. Good amenities for the price,"
"The property management has been very prompt and friendly. I get responses to my emails or calls in the same day, if not within the hour. I have been loving the new amenities so far, especially the gym and printing center!"
"I absolutely love this community!! The amenities are awesome and the staff are amazing! Also, the neighbors are very friendly. Grounds are always kept nice and clean"
"the apartment is very new and fresh. it has a lot of luxury amenties to enjoy. the community is very secure and mobile apps allow you to manage your home with ease"
"I am very content and happy with my apartment. Everything is new, modern and up to date with only minor issues to deal with. All in all it's a great place to live and feel secure."
"The managing team is excellent. We are very happy here. The apartment is spacious and and has a lot of window. The common areas are keep clean. The gym is well equipped."
"Issues with the internet. Everything else is nice. The amenities are really good and I’m happy to be here. Carrie is the best, friendly, understanding and willing to help in any way"
"My experience so far has been great ! The staff is very helpful and responsive. They always greet you with a positive demeanor. I also think it’s great that they know everyone in the building by name ."
"I absolutely love living at Alexan Avondale! I have only lived here for two weeks and my experience so far has been amazing. The staff are lovely, know me by name, and exhibit the best customer service. The amenities and location are also a huge plus."
"Everything has been a dope experience so far. The garage reader is trash for cars coming in the resident gate. Will have updates sooner or later"
"We have been residing in our apartment for 2 days already and things are feeling much better than the nightmare we went through at our previous apartment. The staff here is very understanding and patient, so I don't think we will be running into any issues here. We are definitely looking forward to enjoying the amenities here, because there are so many. Also just to add the building is clean and smells so good."
"This community is amazing, everything is modern and new, the amenities are awesome and the front office staff are great! They really thought of the smallest details to make this a great place for residence to live."
"One of the best experiences I've ever had at an apartment community/complex. The entire staff has been extremely helpful and nice to us as we moved in. Special shoutout to Janelle, she has been incredible! She made the tours so much fun and has been there for us every single step of the way. She would put down anything that she was doing just to help us out!"
"It’s been an amazing experience so far! I have definitely recommend the Alexan Avondale community to my friends. The leasing office staff are truly helpful with any questions I my have."
"Our experience with the community staff has been an overall positive experience. Since moving in we have had some bumps in the road that were quickly resolved by our community team. The Alexan’s choice to team up with Covernetwork is one we are thankful for. Covernetwork’s customer service has gone above and beyond to fix any connectivity issue we have encountered thus far. The building, amenities and our new apartment layout are very well thought out and an excellent use of space. We are always greeted with a smile and hello by the friendly faces throughout the building. This community is welcoming and we are happy we chose to live at Alexan Avondale."
"So far so good! We've been very impressed with the responsiveness of the community administration and the amenities. Our unit is sleek and clean. Some of the internet connectivity and services were spotty at first but again, we've had superior customer service in aiding with those issues."
"I’m excited to call Alexan Avondale home. The customer service is top notch! From the applying to moving in, the leasing agents have made sure this process was quick and easy."
"Alexan Avondale is the best! I just love it here. Avondale is the perfect location! This property has amazing amenities, and a lovely staff. Would HIGHLY recommend this be your next place to call home."
"I love my apartment! It’s quiet and new. I also love the amenities here. Restaurants and downtown Decatur are minutes away which makes going places even more enjoyable."
"Still loving my place quiet and closed off I feel like I’m in my own little world on my end just what I needed ☺️ And still my kitchen is the best feature in the house I love it"
"I love the property and the staff. The building does have its quirks and I noticed there may have been a few rush jobs and in some apartments it shows. Communication could be better as far as newsletters and such. Also covid friendly resident events would be nice."
"I really enjoy living here great community and the working staff is wonderful. The building is a very nice clean environment as well I'm so glad I chose this apartment."
"Absolutely love this place! It’s absolutely quiet and offer amazing amenities! You will fall fall in love with your space and everything this place has to offer! The location is also pretty awesome as well!"
"Janelle & Leila had my experience wonderful, from the time I toured Alexan to move-in day! I’m in love with my new apartment and cannot wait to enjoy the amenities and get to know the area better! I truly love it here"
"Alexan Avondale have gave me a great experience. The staff is very friendly & helpful. I’m very grateful for the assistance Carrie gave throughout the move in process. I’m happy I decided to go with this property."
"Everyone in the leasing office have been welcoming and so helpful They have made have made our move feel so much easier. We are happy to be in a place with so many great amenities also"
"The staff is very friendly and the maintenance response is very fast. We love it here and can't wait for summer to enjoy the pool and outside areas!"
"Y’all made the move-in process so easy for us! Thank you for being so sweet every time we see y’all. Your services are the BEST when it comes to solving any issues we have in our dwelling. Can’t thank y’all enough!!"
"Perfect! Every one was so kind and very helpful. The team all worked very hard together to make sure I was satisfied and secured with my move in! The community is beautiful and I am in love with my new home. Carrie was phenomenal! From the first day I walked in, for a month and half she has held my hand through this process! Thank you so much!!!!!"
"Alexan is a great community to live in. I love the staff and my floor plan. The units were well designed. I’m happy to Call Alexan Avondale my home."
"One of the best place I've ever rented. I love everything about my new place. It's a modern and upgraded facility. The best management and affiliates I've ever worked with. Walking distance to most convenient stores and restaurants. Security is at it's best."
"This is honestly a very homey community where you get the feel of the beautiful city but also a sense of a safe place to call home. The staff and building residents are wonderful and polite!"
"Alexan Avondale has a wonderful staff and great amenities! The building is very secure and the apartments are beautiful. I highly recommend renting here."
"Move in was very good staff most helpful love my apartment had a issue with the door maintenance repair in a timely fashion very happy would definitely recommend the move here 🙂"
"I love this community! It is smoke free and extremely clean. The leasing office is so kind and patient with every question you have for them."
"So far everything has been very smooth. I haven't met very many residents because I just moved in. The leasing agents are the bomb. Very happy and very willing to help in any way they can!"
"In love with my place!!!!! Is just perfect for me and my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🐶🐱 Staff is so friendly and very responsive, love my apartment with pool view, can’t wait for the summertime ☀️🌞🕶"
"Alexan Avondale is great so far, we just moved in but we are already in love with the furnishings and amenities! The property team has been very helpful, fast and courteous."
"Everything in my unit works great and the staff is always super helpful. Thank you for making this community welcoming, I have all the confidence that there’s a team who cares about the community. Keep up the good work!"
"My apartment is beautiful and practical. The designers seemingly thought of everything. The building is quiet all day - a crucial component as I work from home. Building management does a good job of communicating updates."
"Overall experience has been amazing! The staff is very friendly. The community is nice and clean. I enjoy going down to the club house to enjoy the amenities."
"My apartment space is absolutely perfect for me- the right size and the right location. Also seems like the neighborhood is quickly building up, exciting!"
"I enjoyed the place. It is clean and the staffs are the best. They help with the choice of the apartment. My wife and I enjoyed the Gymn. The appliances are excellent"
"Beautiful apartment with ample kitchen storage and nice finishes. The building has unbelievable amenities. I’ve never seen a nicer pool or club room at an apartment complex."
"So far everything has been great! I’m so excited to make Alexan Avondale our new home. The staff has always remained accommodating and professional."
"Nice apartment but very pricey. Application process was a little long but the people who work here are very friendly. I moved in during their construction process so there have been minor disturbances including fire alarms randomly going off."
"Only been here one day but I love it. Janelle is a great spokesperson for the Alexan and is very helpful and pleasant. We felt very welcomed!"
"Love the amenities so far. Kitchen looks great and so does the island. Living area is very spacious and our cat loves to watch the trains go by."
"The great customer service is what got me to apply and move. When so many steps had to be completed & the process was frustrating, I kept moving forward with process bc the customer service from Carrie was awesome."
"This community is perfect! Staff here go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. The amenities are amazing. I made the right decision"
"So far, it has been a great experience in apartment living. I have been a homeowner since 1985 and now being introduced to apartment life it has been a pleasurable experience with the folks here at Alexan Avondale Apartments. Thank you Janelle, Carrie and Paul for your help and sort as i6 get used to this change in my life. You guys ate great!"
"I love that this is a very secure property! The layout makes it impossible for unattended guest to enter the building. They even have security on site."
"Relocating to the Alexan Apartments in East Decatur has been a great experience. I chose this location because of its proximity to highway (both hwy 78 and 285) as they offfer quick access to the airport; the the apartment is also in close proximity to the city of Atlanta, and if traveling to the city is feels like too much of an effort, Downtown Decatur offers a substantial amount of entertainment approximately 2 miles away from Alexan. The living conditions for this apartment complex are clean and hospitable with enough amenities to keep one occupied. The rooms are spacious and staff are all accommodating. The neighborhood is in close proximity to many eateries, breweries and distilleries, with a variety of cuisines to choose from. I am sure anyone who chooses to move into this community will enjoy the aesthetics and the embrace of this community."
"I love living here. The staff is amazing, friendly, and welcoming. I love my unit, great layout and quiet community. Location is great. Awesome walkability to great trails, restaurants, and shops."
"Both the staff and the apartment community are great. I’ve had nothing but wonderful customer service since living here. The amenities are great and the location is great, close to a lot of restaurants and downtown Decatur."
"Great experience. Everyone about patience & answered every question I had and helped me ensure I was picking the best complex in Atlanta to live!"
"Words cannot describe the quality of service I have experienced. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated like family. Amazing building, residents, and staff."
"Alexan Avondale is a great place to live! The apartment homes are very family friendly and are in a great area. There’s always something to do in Decatur."
"Great community and very clean love the style and the location. The inside of my apartment is gorgeous I really like the kitchen overall the place is great."
"Such a beautiful new complex! The staff is very welcoming. Alexan Avondale is in a wonderful location, close to shops, restaurants, and anything else you could need."
"I love it!! There's nothing better than coming home after a long day to a clean, brand new home. And everyone is so nice!! The location is perfect, too!"
"The team is AMAZING!!! I have only been on the property for a week and already feel right at home. No one will take care of you like this team."
"Great apartments, management team and atmosphere! The location is perfect, in the small town of Avondale Estates but a short drive to downtown Decatur."
"I am in love with my new place, the personnel is very attentive and kind, the apartment is beautiful and perfect for our family. The amenities are amazing, my daughter is in love with creative studio. Definitely our perfect home 😊"
"I have finally found a place to call home! My husband and I moved to Atlanta from Biloxi recently and we had been searching for this perfect place to call home! The staff members are super friendly and very professional. Meeting Janelle and Carey on my first visit made the decision to live here super easy. They answered all my questions without a doubt nor hesitation. They went above and beyond to comply to my requests. Moving has been super easy and security is at its best in this community. On top of cameras everywhere, we have an onsite gardian who is also very professional and friendly. I had no problem living my car full of boxes the first night we moved in because we were so tired to unload the car. Management answers to our request and issues in a timely manner and make sure that we are feeling like home. I am looking forward to enjoy my stay in this community for a long time with so much to do and many interesting amenities :)"