Dine-In at Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen

cuban sandwich with side arugula salad - pic by giffney n on yelp

Food and drinks are hallmarks of celebrations. Mark finding your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Avondale with dine-in at Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen. You will love spending every minute you can at home. Not only can you enjoy luxury apartment features that keep you comfy around the clock, but also fun community amenities that make relaxing easier. Spend your downtime kicking back and carefree. Best of all, your new Avondale Estates neighborhood has plenty of shops and dining spots for you to enjoy. The lifestyle you are looking for lives at Alexan Avondale. Find your comfy place today!

Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen

Sometimes being the new kid on the block can be a little scary. But Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen has already made a splash in the Avondale Estates dining scene. Giffney N. shares the scoop on Yelp, “What a great addition to the neighborhood! The Macken brothers have executed on their vision to have something akin to the local neighborhood Irish pub but done American style. The vibe is good and the food as well. The Nashville hot chicken is LEGIT! And the Cuban is delightful. And unlike bars that masquerade as restaurants, these guys do not. They serve a really good side salad. Yes, this is my measure of whether or not a pub truly cares about food. It was well dressed and not an afterthought behind the delicious Cuban sandwich and the fish and chips. And in spite of being new, the owner like Sam from Cheers already knows my name and remembered me upon return. Get over here for some comfort…we all need that these days.” Work your way through the menu as enjoy your new life at Alexan Avondale.

Enjoy dine-in at Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen and celebrate finding a new luxury apartment home at Alexan Avondale. The life you want is waiting right here.