gourmet kitchen at Alexan Avondale - Stylish Comfort and Luxury at Your Fingertips

Stylish Comfort and Luxury at Your Fingertips

Your home should be the most comfortable and relaxing place you spend your time. Find stylish comfort and luxury at your fingertips with luxury apartment features you only find at Alexan Avondale. See what an improvement the right luxury apartment home can make in your lifestyle. At Alexan Avondale, you can enjoy a host of apartment features you never knew you couldn’t live without. What will you cook up with a new gourmet kitchen? Your new city has a pace of life all its own. Spend your first weekend at Alexan Avondale, exploring Avondale Estates and the larger Decatur area. When you come home, spend time with fun indoor and outdoor community amenities that keep you entertained for hours. The life you want starts right here at Alexan Avondale.

At Your Fingertips

You may...

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Ale one-bedroom at Alexan Avondale - Relax in Stylish Comfort

Relax in Stylish Comfort

Now is the right time in your life to start living the lifestyle you deserve. Relax in stylish comfort with a perfect one-bedroom, like the Ale, at Alexan Avondale in Avondale Estates, Georgia. Come home to luxury apartment features that make your life easier and help you decompress. What do you want to do with your downtime? How about indulging in fun community amenities that let you relax...

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cuban sandwich with side arugula salad - pic by giffney n on yelp

Dine-In at Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen

Food and drinks are hallmarks of celebrations. Mark finding your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Avondale with dine-in at Wheelhouse Craft Pub & Kitchen. You will love spending every minute you can at...

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cardio equipment in the HIIT studio - Get Your Heart Pumping

Get Your Heart Pumping

Exercise is the key to longevity, and you don’t even need to overexert yourself to boost your health. Even something as simple as a thirty-minute walk through your neighborhood or a few strength training reps at the gym can make the difference. No matter your fitness level or body type, our luxury apartment community at Alexan Avondale encourages everyone to engage in a healthy lifestyle...

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furnished bedroom with bed and stylish dresser - Step Back and Relax

Step Back and Relax

Just in case you need to hear it: it’s okay to take things easy if you need to. The world will not end if you step back and relax for a day or two. Here at Alexan Avondale, we fill all our luxury apartments with the best amenities to help you unwind and rest, so you can fill reinvigorated and ready to challenge the world once more when you’re ready. 

Step Back and Relax


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